DOLANIT® Type 10

The tailor-made solution for fiber cement

DOLANIT® Type 10

DOLANIT® 10 is a short cut, wet-spun, homopolymer acrylic fiber specifically to replace asbestos in fiber cement products. It surpasses critical performance criteria in such applications and provides a healthier, safer reinforcement medium.


Fiber cement products e.g. flat and corrugated tiles and pipes.


  • Reinforcement – exceptional tensile strength, high initial modulus and excellent adhesion provide outstanding reinforcement in the fiber cement matrix.
  • Resistance – excellent alkali resistance properties.
  • Safe – does not fibrillate or create particles which are within medically critical limits. DOLANIT® fiber cement products are non-combustible and develop no toxic gases.


  • 1.5 dtex in 6 or 12 mm cut lengths with a normal water content of less than 2 percent (higher moisture content is available on request).
  • Supplied in bales (280 kg) or in 10 or 20 kg bags.
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