DOLANIT® Type 18

Fine fiber with great effect

Type 18

DOLANIT ® 18 is a special alkali-resistant technical short cut fiber developed for use in cement-based products to improve their mechanical properties and their processabilty.


  • The fiber’s alkaline resistance prevents early aging and deterioration of building materials.
  • Regulates the water management and leads to a reduction of shrinkage.
  • Reduces internal stress and therefore reduces cracking and fissuring.
  • Increases the ductile properties of the cement. Resistance to mechanical damage is increased.


  • Precast concrete components: improved toughness and ductile properties of the product, reduces cracking
  • Screeds/leveling: reduction of early shrinkage cracks, reduction of bulging, improvement of final tensile strength
  • Filling and leveling compounds: improved processability, homogenization, crack bridging, improvement of elastic behavior
  • Lightweight plasters/rendering: Improvement of workability, and flexural and compressive strength; Regulates hardening of the product by cohesive water binding on the fiber surface; Increased impact resistance and toughness of the product; Improved resistance to driving rain by reducing shrinkage cracking.
  • Adhesive for ETICS: Increased strength and flexibility; reduced cracking;


  • Consistently high tensile strength
  • Optimum dispersion of the fiber bundles into individual fibers.
  • Bulge and shrinkage cracking are minimized. Residual tension of the screed is maximised.
  • Industrial production provides maximum consistency and reliability
  • Technically well-engineered and proven in a wide range of different applications Available Types

Available Types

  • DOLANIT ® 18 is available as 1.9 dtex and 6.7 dtex in average lengths of 4 and 6mm. Package sizes can be set to meet individual customer needs.
  • The direct addition to the mixing process after half the mixing time guarantees the uniform distribution of up to 877,000 individual fibers per gram added.
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