DOLANIT® Type 12

Ideal for Filtration

Type 12

Dolanit® 12 is a crimped homopolymer acrylic fiber, which combines excellent textile processability, excellent strength and good chemical and temperature resistance. It is a high-performance and cost effective solution for filtration applications.


Woven and nonwoven fabrics for dust filtration


  • Processability - surface structure, crimp and our special spin finish results in easy processability with problem-free carding, spinning and needle punching.
  • Resistance and stability - offers higher temperature stability, greater hydrolysis and chemical resistance in comparison to copolymer acrylic fibers.
  • Strength - DOLANIT® 12 has a consistently high tensile strength leading to excellent properties in yarns and fabrics.


  • 0,9 dtex microfiber
  • 1.7 dtex (50 mm cut length) and 2.2 dtex (60 or 80 mm cut length) for spun yarns and nonwovens
  • 8.2 dtex (80 mm cut length for nonwovens)
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