DOLANIT® Type 10 D

The tailor-made solution for friction pads

Type 10 D

Dolanit® is a high tenacity, short staple, homopolymer acrylic fiber the successful use of which has been increasing in friction materials and brake pads over many years.


  • For high area pads, such as those found in trucks or rolling stock, DOLANIT® can be used as the sole reinforcement fiber.
  • In high-performance low surface area products, such as small brake pads, DOLANIT® 10 D is successfully used in combination with aramid fibers.

Available in

  • 3,0 dtex in 6mm Schnitt 3.0 dtex 6mm mean cut length with less than 2% moisture. (Higher moisture contents available on request).
  • Supplied in bales (approx. 280 kg) or in bags of 10 or 20kg.
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