Environmental protection

Our contribution


The responsible manner in which we deal with existing resources and the environment is illustrated by our conforming with the appropriate legislation, integrating environmental protection within our processes by recycling auxiliary material, employing purification plants downstream of our production process to cleanse waste water, coupled with economic generation of energy in accordance with state-of-the-art technology.

Years ago, the company paved the way for environmentally-friendly management of its production processes. For us, securing the high standards set and optimizing our facilities and processes even more, in line with sustainability criteria, will continue to be an especial concern in the future.


The majority of the water used in our production process is required for cooling. After only a moderate temperature increase, this water is returned to the river in an unpolluted condition. The water used within the production process is purified in a special, biological waste water treatment plant.

Parallel to the process occurring constantly in nature, a naturally developed community of aquatic organisms, (bacteria, unicellular and multicellular organisms), so-called activated sludge, is specialised in the respective food supply (= pollutants) in industrial waste water. This cleaning process occurs under optimised conditions in our own waste water treatment plant, which comprises three BIOHOCH® reactors.


The 12 burners in our power plant are fired with environmentally compatible natural gas which contains virtually no pollutants, thus causing neither soot nor dust emissions.

This power plant in island operation, i.e. unconnected to the public mains network, functions according to the principle of power-heat linkup, thus generating both electricity and steam for the production process at the same time. As a result of multiple energy utilisation, efficiency levels of over 90% can be achieved and thus lie far above the efficiency levels of conventional power plants.


We use the materials involved in the production of our high-quality fibers extremely sparingly. Various recycling facilities allow us to reduce the quantity of raw material required. Costwise, that gives us an edge over our competitors and, at the same time, reduces the environmental impact significantly.

Waste recycling

The waste that we produce in our factory every day is burned in our company's own waste recycling plant. We use the word recycling because the waste heat from the combustion processes is incorporated into the steam network and thus used for production. Substantial quantities of natural gas can thus be saved. A flue gas purification system is located downstream of the incineration facility, guaranteeing that the strict exhaust air regulations are complied with.

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